Meet Your Coach....

My Story

Worrying about money can impact every aspect of your life.  I personally grappled to manage money for over 10 years. I considered bankruptcy at the lowest part of my financial journey.  After struggling for so long, I decided to make a major change.  I was motivated to live my life without stressing about money.  It was too big of a burden to carry year after year.  I began studying finance and ways to become debt free.  I developed a process for eliminating my debt, increasing my savings, improving my investing strategies and budgeting my income.  I created a financial plan to reach my goals of becoming debt free, giving generously and building wealth.  I'm happy to say I am debt free and I want to help others achieve financial freedom as well.  It feels amazing to be in control of your money and I want everyone to have that feeling.  I would love an opportunity to help you create and achieve your financial dreams, too!


Career History

Melinda Adams is a Certified Financial Coach and a Certified Financial Planner Candidate.  Her extensive experience with financial coaching, consulting and entrepreneurial expertise stems from over 20 years of working with Fortune 500 companies and owning her own businesses. She is the current owner of Financial Wellness Coaching Services, LLC and the former owner and President of MEA Consulting and GCS Building Solutions, Inc. She has demonstrated outstanding consulting skills by helping others create and achieve their financial goals, as well as helping other business owners improve their quality of life and increase the profitability of their business.

Melinda has been in various consulting, strategic account sales, and leadership roles with Eastman Chemical, Princeton Softech/IBM, Oracle and her own companies.  Melinda has a M.B.A. from Auburn University and a B.S. in Polymer Engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi.